Ladder Testing

Did you know that CKFR conducts annual testing of its ground ladders? Underwriter Laboratories (UL) has been at Station 51 for the last two days working with CKFRs A/O Crosby to ensure every single ground ladder in our department is safe. The ladders are visually inspected for signs of wear and damage. They then undergo a load test. The larger ladders have 500 pounds placed on them for 5 minutes. The inspector from UL then uses pre and post measurements, as well as watching the ladder “bounce back” after the test to certify that it is safe for continued use. 67 total ladders were tested. That’s 1,129 feet!

Wildland Fire

CKFR and KCSO responded to a wildland fire yesterday behind the Gold Creek Trailhead. Being on DNR land, the scene was quickly turned over and DNR brought in crews and a helicopter to combat the fire which grew to 2.5 acres. A CKFR wildland crew of 2 members mobilized at midnight to assist with mop up. A replacement crew from CKFR responded today and remains on scene.

Structure Fire

At approx. 7:10 pm, CKFR was called to a residential structure fire in the 4300 block of Naomi Street NW, Bremerton. The fire was in the attic of the two story, single family home. All occupants were out and the fire is now under control. CKFR and Bremerton Fire units remain on scene.

Car Off Road

At approx. 7:50 am, CKFR crews responded to an area off Tracyton, just south of Fairgrounds. There was a single vehicle, 20 feet down the embankment, with one person pinned underneath. Crews extricated the patient and transported them to a landing zone for Airlift. A second occupant was uninjured.

Training Prop

Some of you may have noticed the odd looking contraption behind Station 51 on Silverdale Way …. Crews have been training this week on “vertical ventilation operations” using a prop loaned to us by the State Fire Marshal’s Office, through the Washington State Patrol. Firefighters are able to “adjust the roof” so that they can practice ventilation (cutting holes) on a shallow pitch, which is walkable, or a steep pitch that requires the assistance of a ladder to move around safely. Why do we do vertical ventilation? To make the environment safer for the firefighters and any occupants in the building. Heat and smoke rise and ventilating helps alleviate the pressure and increases visibility inside.

Fall on Roof

CKFRs A-Shift rescued a man from his roof yesterday after he injured himself in a fall. Crews attended to his injuries, placed him in a victim harness, and used rescue rope to safely bring him to the ground. He was transported to the hospital for care.

Racoon Rescue

Two little racoons were brought to us by a concerned citizen after finding them in a park without their mother. After speaking to our local Fish and Wildlife Officer, we want to encourage people to leave wildlife alone. Although it may be tempting to rescue babies without a mom, often times mom will come back to get them later. These two have been accepted by West Sound Wildlife Shelter until they are large enough to be released. They will be spending their night at Station 56 until they can be dropped off tomorrow by Paramedic Cooper (pictured).

Car Fire

Station 51s B-shift responded to a vehicle fire over the weekend. There were no injuries. The van was fully involved upon firefighters arrival, but their quick efforts to extinguish it prevented worse damage to the fence.

Car Into Garage

CKFR crews responded to a call of a car into a garage this evening. The driver was uninjured, but unable to get out of her vehicle. Firefighters were able to make room for her to exit safely.

Duck Rescue

Lt. Chris Bigelow & AO Marcus Oliver worked with local residents today to rescue two ducklings that fell into a storm drain. The little duckies are currently with neighbors while they wait for Mama Duck to return.