The Great Goat Escape

‪Not sure how they “goat” there, but these two were on Chico Way refusing to “bleat” it. A citizen protected them from traffic and CKFR employees Joe Calkins and Pat Busby were able to leash them and locate the owner. So why did they cross Chico Way? All “kidding” aside … we may never know … 

Crews Help Homeowner

After helping a gentleman who fell over when his electric wheelchair caught in soft dirt at the base of his ramp, our crews filled holes to ensure a sturdier surface. The homeowner said aside from spilling his coffee on the way down, it was a great experience with CKFR! We’re so glad he was ok!

Dogs Locks Owner Out

Not such a good boy … but he sure is cute!
Meet Koba! He thought it would be fun to lock his human, Tatyana, out of their vehicle so that he could get a visit from CKFRs AO Terry Fassett and AO Ryan Crosby.