NOTE: CKFR is currently accepting applications for the Volunteer Program.  We expect the next Open House in the Fall of 2022.

Volunteers serve the community through emergency call response, special events standby, and assistance to citizens though requests for information, assistance or education in one of three categories.

  • Volunteer Support Services: Serves the community by providing assistance in non-hazardous tasks, driving apparatus to emergency scenes, and providing administrative support.  May also assist in standby at community events.
  • Volunteer Emergency Worker: Performs all aspects of medical assessment, treatment, and care for patients, to include housekeeping, equipment inspections and driving emergency vehicles.  May also assist in non-emergency activities such as standby at community events.
  • Volunteer Firefighter: Performs fire protection activities directly concerned with preventing, controlling and extinguishing fires.  May also assist in, but not limited to, motor vehicle extrications, property salvage, overhaul, water supply, and standby at community events.

All new Volunteers will initially be assigned to the Rehab/Support apparatus for basic qualifications.  Rehab is an essential unit at all extended emergency scenes and training events.

The basic eligibility requirements for all Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue volunteers are:

  • Must live within the Fire District boundaries
  • Minimum age of 18 years and possess a high school diploma, or equivalent
  • Must possess a WA State driver’s license (military exemption may be available)
  • Willing to maintain training standards and respond to incidents as available
    • Volunteer Drill normally occurs on Wednesday evenings (75% attendance is required to maintain good standing)
  • Prior to being accepted into the program, all applicants must pass a medical exam, drug screen, driver’s abstract, and criminal background investigation.

Interested members, please submit a Volunteer Program Application to our Volunteer Program Coordinator.