Fire Scene Rehab

Firefighter rehabilitation provides vital service to emergency responders who are involved in prolonged or extreme incident scene events by providing a specific area for rest, rehydration, nourishment, emotional support and physical evaluation.   The dedicated Rehab staff members operate under NFPA and state guidelines to determine a firefighter’s ability to return to event activities. 

New volunteers spend their first few months on Rehab obtaining an initial orientation to Rehab as well as Station and District functions.  Members who desire further training can move onto EMT School or the Fire Academy. 

Initial training includes:

  • Completing the Rehab task book .
  • Attending a district EVIP (Emergency Vehicle Incident Prevention) for the EMS (Emergency Medical Service) response vehicle.
  • EMS Specific volunteers are required to meet once a week to participate in ongoing Training. Training drills are conducted on most Wednesday nights from 1900-2100 (75% drill attendance is required to remain in good standing with CKFR).

Please review the following information to determine eligibility, qualifications, training, and expected participation for each of our volunteer programs.

The following volunteer memberships programs are currently available:

The basic eligibility requirement for all Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue volunteers is:

  • Minimum age of 18 years and a high school diploma or GED.
  • Must possess a Washington State driver’s license. (military exemption available)
  • Willing to maintain training standards and respond to incidents as available
    • Drill occurs most Wednesday evenings (75% attendance is required to maintain good standing)

Prospective volunteers are required to attend an open house to learn more about the District and program.

NOTE:  At this time, CKFR will not be accepting new applicants into the volunteer program.

If you indicate interest in applying to be a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, we will ask your permission to conduct a preliminary background check.  This will include review of federal and state records for any criminal activity, as well as reviewing your driving history for all states in which you have held a license.

If the volunteer program is a good fit, prospective candidates are interviewed and forwarded onto a 4 week introduction process. They will be provided membership applications at that time. Volunteer applicants must pass a medical exam, drug screen, and criminal background check.

Volunteers serve our department, and the community, without expectation of compensation, however, participation in some activities (but not all) is given a point value and the volunteer member may be reimbursed for their expenses. The nominal stipend rates vary for each activity.

If you have any additional questions please contact our Volunteer Program Manager