CKFR is currently accepting new candidates for the volunteer program!

Volunteers serve the community through special events standby and assistance to citizens through requests for information, assistance, or education.

All new Volunteers will be assigned to the Rehab/Support apparatus.  Rehab is an essential unit at all extended emergency scenes and training events.

The basic eligibility requirements for all Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue volunteers are:

  • Minimum age of 18 years and possess a high school diploma, or equivalent
  • Must possess a WA State driver’s license
  • Willing to meet program requirements
  • Prior to being accepted into the program, all applicants must pass a Volunteer Physical (CDL Standard)

Interested members, please submit a Volunteer Program Application to our Volunteer Program Coordinator.

  • This application is for Support Services Volunteer
  • CKFR does not have Volunteer Firefighter positions for new members