Burn permits can be obtained at the CKFR Administration offices during operational hours.

Please call the Kitsap County Fire Marshal’s Office for all inspection questions st 360-337-5777.

The Department of Community Development now has blue address signs available for purchase.  Signs are $9.25 each.

Contact Ashlie Brown, Community Development, Addressing Project. 360-337-5777 or [email protected]


Contact our Public Information Officer, Ileana LiMarzi, to schedule a station tour.  Please have several dates and times that would work for your group, as tours need to be scheduled around fire fighter training.

Ileana LiMarzi, Public Information Officer
[email protected]


CKFR firefighters work 24 hours shifts and buy their own meals.  They drive the engine, medic units, and other apparatus when they grocery shop because they are still responding to emergency calls. Many times crews have to leave in the middle of shopping and return to finish after a call.

When firefighters respond to a car accident, both medical units and fire engines are dispatched so that there is the proper amount of manpower on scene. All CKFR firefighters are also cross-trained as emergency medical technicians (EMTs).
Crews may need to extricate the occupants of the vehicles involved, provide medical care, control traffic, etc.