The Kitsap County Fire Marshal announces a Stage One ban on outdoor burning starting midnight, Friday, August 5.

Outdoor burning is prohibited under the ban and burning permits are suspended. Most outdoor burning is prohibited with a few exceptions including:

  • Recreational fires in approved appliances and locations
  • Permitted state or federal campgrounds

Recreational burning includes small fires for cooking, religious, or similar purposes, less than three feet in diameter in fire pits, fireplaces, or outdoor appliances.

“The elevated temperatures last week dried fuels to a seasonal level making the ban on larger outdoor fires necessary,” says David Lynam, Kitsap County Fire Marshal.

Lynam does not expect to lift the ban until typical fall weather brings rainfall to the area.

Those who have recreational fires are asked to always have a sufficient water source handy to put the fire out. Never leave any fire unattended as even small recreational fires can spread to surrounding areas.

Contact Information

David Lynam, Kitsap County Fire Marshal
[email protected] or 360.337.5777

Confused About Burn Bans?

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CKFR Outdoor Burning Information
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Burn Ban Status

Burning Is Not Allowed