Our Mission

Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue is dedicated to the preservation and protection of life, property, and the environment.

Our Vision

We will provide the best possible life safety education, fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services to citizens in Kitsap County.

Our Core Values

Our members are imperative in realizing that mission to best serve our community. As such, we will embrace and promote the following principles as our core values.


Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue will lead with integrity. Integrity will be at the heart of CKFR’s individual and organizational actions. Leaders will lead by example and will foster a culture that honors individuals, each other, and our community. Members of Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue will be honest, truthful and treat others with high regard and dignity. Our community can expect us to make decisions that align with our values and to act with integrity.


Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue will stand by its members and community in times of need. Leaders will coach and mentor with empathy and commitment to the betterment of members, will recognize the importance of member contributions, and support the important work members provide our community. Members of Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue will have a genuine regard for one another, will encourage one another, and will reliably serve our community in times of need.


Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue considers service to our community our principal duty. Our leaders will be steady, decisive, and fair. Members of Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue will be as mentally and physically fit as possible, will celebrate successes, acknowledge failures and improve with every opportunity, serving the CKFR community safely and efficiently.


Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue will treat others as we desire to be treated. Leaders will promote goodwill and civility, fostering workplace inclusivity. Members will treat each other with dignity regardless of position or tenure, value differing perspectives and ideals, treating colleagues and community members with compassion in times of need, and considering the perspectives of others with openness. We will respect the position we have within our fire district and community and will hold the responsibilities of that position in high regard.