In November 2020, the Central Kitsap community approved a bond to strategically combine and replace fire stations, remodel stations and perform related improvements including seismic upgrades across the fire district. We are currently in Phase 1 of the capital projects. To view the fire district’s comprehensive facilities plan, use the link below.

Download (PDF): CKFR’s 2019 Capital Facilities Plan

General questions can be emailed to our Administrative Office.

Phase 1: Began January 2021

  • Station 52, Olympic View – New build
  • Station 45, North Perry – New build
  • Station 57, Lake Symington – New build
  • Station 53, Seabeck – New build

Phase 2: Begins May 2022

  • Station 51, Silverdale – New build
  • Station 64, Chico – Remodel
  • Station 41, Meadowdale – Remodel
  • Station 56, Seabeck Highway – Remodel
  • Station 42, Island Lake – Remodel

Station 52 – Olympic View Community Station

The new Fire Station 52 will be located at 5328 NW Anderson Hill Rd NW. Once this station opens, it will replace the original Station 52 located further north at 15393 Olympic View Rd NW. It’s expected to break ground in early 2022.

Station 45 – North Perry Community Station

The new Fire Station 45 will replace the old station on its current site, located at 3725 Trenton Ave.  This station is currently in the permitting process.  It’s expected to break ground in Spring 2022.

Station 57 – Lake Symington Community Station

The new Fire Station 57 will be constructed on a new site, located on the corner of NW Coho Run and NW Holly Rd.  Site design and station design are underway. Once this station is open, it will replace two stations – the Hintzville Station 54 (18237 NW Hintzville Rd) and the Lake Tahuyeh Station 55 (314 Kingsway NW).