Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue allows members of the community and students sixteen (16) years of age and older to participate in a Ride-Along program with on-duty emergency crews. This program will acquaint community members with the emergency services provided by the Fire District. In addition, the District will support field clinical internships for district and non-district EMT/PM students when possible.

The District’s Ride-Along program may not be feasible for everyone. Riders must have the physical ability to rapidly mount and dismount apparatus to prevent delays in emergency response. Riders must also be able to withstand weather variations common to Washington State for a significant period of time. The Fire District will attempt reasonable accommodations to allow the ride-along to occur. However, if unable to allow the ride-along due to physical limitations, CKFR will then strive to accommodate informational station tours or other appropriate substitutes, if so desired.

  1. A completed Ride-Along Application and waivers shall be submitted at least three (3) weeks in advance of the preferred ride-along date.
  2. Submitting a request does not guarantee approval.
  3. Date, time, and station preferences shall be accommodated when possible.
  4. All participants in the Ride-Along Program must read, agree, and abide by all rules and guidelines and complete the Ride-Along Application prior to the ride-along.
  5. Failure to comply with any of the listed rules and guidelines will result in the immediate termination of the ride-along.
  6. Riders shall be neat and clean in appearance.
  7. Riders shall wear the District provided “CKFR Observer” traffic safety vest or an appropriate uniform from their organization, i.e. TCC Paramedic Program, Fire Department uniform, etc.
  8. Riders must wear neat and clean jeans or dark (black/navy blue) slacks, plain dark (black/navy blue) shirt without graphics, and flat, closed-toe shoes.  No leggings, shorts or skirts are authorized.  Any inappropriate attire, as determined by the Company Officer, will terminate the ride along.
  9. No visible jewelry with the exception of a ring and a watch are permitted.
  10. Riders are limited to the hours of 0800 to 1700 hours unless authorized by the Battalion Chief for District related or educational purposes, i.e. EMT/PM students.
  11. Riders must be sixteen (16) years of age or older. Riders less than eighteen (18) years old must have the Agreement Assuming Risk of Injury or Damage Waiver and Release of Claims and Indemnity Agreement signed by their parent or guardian.
  12. Riders may not bring cameras or other recording devices unless authorized by the Battalion Chief.
  13. No photos may be taken unless authorized by the Duty Chief. Cellular phones must be kept in silent mode and in the Rider’s pocket.
  14. Riders must obey all orders and instructions given by the District personnel to whom he/she is assigned.
  15. When District apparatus respond to a dangerous situation, the Rider shall remain on the Apparatus until directed otherwise.
  16. Persons with a criminal background may not be allowed to participate in the Rider Program.
  17. The Company Officer or Rider may terminate the ride-along at any time.
  18. The Rider agrees not to discuss names or persons involved in matters pertaining to recipients of Fire/EMS or related service by Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue to include all personal information including names, medical history and statements gathered. All information shall remain confidential in compliance with federal HIPAA regulations.
  19. Riders must carry a valid Washington State License or other approved Identification.


To request a ride-along with Department personnel, applicants must print out, complete and sign the Ride-Along Request and Waiver. The Application is to be dropped off, mailed or emailed to:


Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue
Ride-Along Program
5300 NW Newberry Hill Road, Suite 101
Silverdale, WA 98383