Single Vehicle in Water

At 4:50 am this morning, Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue crews responded to a report of a single vehicle in the water near the 2800 block of Tracyton Beach NW, Bremerton.  Upon arrival, firefighters observed a passenger car, upside down in approximately 3-6 feet of water. Law enforcement officers were already on scene and were performing CPR on a male patient.  CKFR Apparatus Operator and Rescue Swimmer, Sascha Ebert, donned his wet suit and entered the water.  He did a full swim around the vehicle, checking the passenger, driver, and back seat compartments.  He also checked the surrounding area for any additional victims that may have been ejected from the vehicle.  No other victims were located.

The male patient was transported to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton.

Pulsepoint in Kitsap

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Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue Presents Annual Awards

Each year Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue takes time to honor its own employees for outstanding work in the fire service.  Employees nominate the person they feel is deserving of each title.  The 2017 Annual Awards were presented earlier this week and the department is pleased to announce the recipients along with a few of the kind words that were shared about them by their coworkers.

Staff Employee of the Year Award

Awarded to the employee for his/her countless hours of outstanding work, dedication and professionalism.  His/her many contributions have improved processes and programs for the Fire District.

 Robert Morley, IT Manager

“Bob is highly competent, kind, and his solutions to IT problems are focused on the internal customer.”

“We may take it for granted how well our technology works in our organization but we would not be anywhere near as successful as we are if it weren’t for the work of Mr. Morley.”

“Bob understands the “fire service” and our need to provide the service to our citizens at ALL times.”


Volunteer Member of the Year Award

Awarded to a member of the District who demonstrates exceptional performance and dedication to the District and the community. The Volunteer of the Year has exercised a significant time commitment to the District and community through participating in District activities and emergency support responses.

Carlos Suazo, Volunteer Captain

 “A goal he has set, and met, since taking on the recruiting is to ensure any prospective candidate will be contacted within 24 hours of their submitting an interest form.”

“Carlos developed the CKFR Volunteer orientation program to provide the initial training to new volunteers on expectations, roles and responsibilities.”

“He fights for these individuals and for our volunteer program every day and is not afraid to tackle uncomfortable issues.”


Career Firefighter of the Year Award

Awarded to a member of the District (Chief, Officer, Apparatus Operator, Firefighter or Paramedic) who exemplifies and demonstrates exceptional performance and leadership and is a model and example to other members of the District. The Firefighter of the Year has exercised continuous professionalism and dedication to both their fellow employees and the community.

 Sascha Ebert, Apparatus Operator

“He is committed daily to becoming better at his job and is eager to train and teach others.”

“Never asking someone to do something that he would not do himself.”

“Always looking out for the good of the district, its citizens and individual employees.”

“Sascha has been an influential person to my career development.”


Fire Chief’s Leadership Award

This award is bestowed upon a Department member who exemplifies and demonstrates leadership that serves the model and example for others through program direction, program success, and program recognition.

 The Fire Chief determined that this award goes to all of our members that were here during 2017.

 One example from the nominations: “I know that this is a bit sentimental, but this award should go to our whole organization. From top to bottom, we have all been working hard to make Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue work. I’m a shift rover and I see nothing but positive attitudes overwhelmingly shine through the Department. I think this would be a good time to stop, smile, take a deep breath and look forward to the great future that lies ahead of us.”