County Agencies Work Together On Landslide Threat

Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue is working with other public safety agencies, such as the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Emergency Management, Kitsap 911, Kitsap Public Works and Road Department, as well as other area fire agencies to form a comprehensive plan consisting of emergency response for landslide, fires, and EMS in the area of Bahia Vista Road.
At approximately 3:46 this morning, crews responded to Bahia Vista Road in the Illahee area in for concern of a potential landslide.
Kitsap County Roads/Public Works closed the road out of concern it had been weakened by the severe weather.
CKFR firefighters made contact with area homeowners and initiated a voluntary evacuation. One resident chose to remain.
Kitsap County Public Works is working to provide a Geotech to assess the area.
We will keep the community updated, but want you to know we are prepared and will have operational plans in place should the situation worsen.

Oven Fire

At 5:43 pm on December 3rd, crews received a call of a possible house fire at 300 NE Conifer Drive. Luckily it was a fire contained to the oven and nothing else was affected.
Firefighters assisted with ventilation to remove smoke from the home.
🔥 If you have a fire in your oven:
– Leave the door CLOSED
– Turn everything OFF
– Make sure occupants are evacuating just in case
– Call 911. Oven fires have potential to extend into the wall and become a much bigger problem.