Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue Reports Mid-Year Call Volumes

EMS Accounts for 68.68% Percent of All Emergencies

Call volumes continue to climb for Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue. As of May 31, 2021, call volumes for all emergencies were 10.42% higher than the first five months of 2020. Emergency medical service (EMS) accounted for 68.68% of all calls. This is a 15.87% increase in medical calls compared to the same time period.

“We are ready and able to respond to higher call volumes because of community support for our EMS program,” said Fire Chief John Oliver. “Funding is used to provide Advanced Life Support, which is the highest level of emergency medical care available.”

Last year, CKFR staffed an additional full-time ambulance to meet the needs of its growing community. Most recently, it has put in service another part-time ambulance to respond during peak call times.

CKFR funds its emergency medical program through a 6-year EMS levy capped at $0.50 per $1,000 of assessed property. Voters last approved the EMS levy in 2015 and it will expire at the end of the year if not renewed during the August 3 Primary Election.

The EMS levy funds both Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) care to residents. Basic Life Support (BLS) uses nationally certified Emergency Medical Technicians for non-critical calls, such as first aid, basic CPR, and administering some medications.

ALS is the highest level of care available delivered in the field by Paramedics who are nationally certified through 1,800 hours of life-saving training. These medical professionals can start IVs, surgical procedures to clear airways and stop serious bleeding, and provide advanced cardiac life support.

The EMS levy costs the average homeowner (defined as a home having an assessed value of $400,000) $200 per year. Please note that the assessed value of a home is less than its market value. Kitsap County determines a property’s assessed value and levy amounts are calculated on that basis.

More information about the EMS levy renewal can be found on the Fire District’s website at ckfrdev721.wpengine.com. Fire Chief John Oliver also is available to answer questions at (360) 447-3566 or joliver@ckfr.org.