Rescuing Bubba

Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue crews were called to rescue a dog approximately 60’ down a 120’ high bank cliff. Crews from Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue, Poulsbo Fire, and South Kitsap Fire and Rescue, went down to retrieve Bubba, a 60lb pit bull mix, on rescue ropes. Bubba eventually made his way back up the slope under his own power.

While Bubba was happy to see his family, he was less than appreciative to his would-be rescuers once back on top of the cliff and declined pictures.

Car vs House

Crews responded to NE Rosewell Drive shortly after 2:00 pm today. It was a single vehicle, driver only. Driver was not injured. Homeowner was home – also not injured. CKFR crews secured gas and electricity and turned the scene over to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office

Crews Dealing With Snow & Ice

Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue crews work to clear the way for patient removal and make it safer for the homeowners today.
It may no longer be snowing, but many surfaces are uneven and very slippery. Please be careful!

Utility Vehicle Used For Snow Transports

CKFRs Utility Vehicle was hard at work in all this snow! Most driveways are inaccessible for the Engines and Medic Units so the UTV went to every medical call with CKFR St. 56 crews.
Earlier it was used to bring a patient down to the Medic Unit for transport.

Sinkholes Close Road

On February 10th, Kitsap County Public Works responded to Fairgrounds Road at Old Military.
The road was potentially unsafe due to erosion underneath. The two holes pictured opened to larger spaces 3-4′ under the road. 
Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue crews were concerned with further damage to the road bed or an accident from a passenger vehicle driving over the hole.

The Great Goat Escape

‪Not sure how they “goat” there, but these two were on Chico Way refusing to “bleat” it. A citizen protected them from traffic and CKFR employees Joe Calkins and Pat Busby were able to leash them and locate the owner. So why did they cross Chico Way? All “kidding” aside … we may never know … 

Crews Help Homeowner

After helping a gentleman who fell over when his electric wheelchair caught in soft dirt at the base of his ramp, our crews filled holes to ensure a sturdier surface. The homeowner said aside from spilling his coffee on the way down, it was a great experience with CKFR! We’re so glad he was ok!

Dogs Locks Owner Out

Not such a good boy … but he sure is cute!
Meet Koba! He thought it would be fun to lock his human, Tatyana, out of their vehicle so that he could get a visit from CKFRs AO Terry Fassett and AO Ryan Crosby.

Fire at Local Grocer

CKFR crews responded to report of fire at Hank’s Grocery on Chico Way on December 18th, at 11:55 p.m. Crews arrived to light smoke coming from the front of the building. The fire was contained to a small office area. No injuries were reported. Crews from CKFR and Navy Region Northwest assisted with the incident.

Vehicle Fire on 303

At approximately 1:45 pm, on December 10th, CKFR responded to a vehicle fire in the Southbound Lanes of 303 near the Bremerton Walmart. The vehicle on fire was a small Class B RV and is a total loss.  The driver was out of the vehicle and was not injured, there were no other occupants.  The driver stated it had started smoking as he was driving so he pulled over.

While CKFR crews were on scene, a minor car accident, with no injuries, occurred as drivers passing the scene were looking at the vehicle fire and not the road in front of them.

*Please slow down and pay attention to your surroundings and other vehicles for the safety of all of us!