Substation Fire

CKFR crews responded to a fire at the power substation located at Hwy 303 and McWilliams. The fire was confined to a small area and went out on its own. PSE is on scene and firefighters are standing by.

Hiker Rescued

CKFR crews started off the weekend rescuing a citizen with a minor injury incurred during a hike off Anderson Hill. The citizen is doing well and shared these pictures with us as well as a few words of appreciation.

Fatal Fire

At 1:51 this afternoon, CKFR responded to a call for a structure fire in the 11000 block of Schold Road. The structure, a two story residence, was fully involved upon arrival.
While combating the fire, crews discovered human remains inside the residence. The fire was extinguished. The County Fire Marshal and Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Detectives are on scene.
All further information will come from KCSO.

Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue Postpones Facilities Bond Request

The Board of Fire Commissioners for Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue decided to postpone its request for a facilities bond to replace and renovate its fire stations. The Fire District had spent several years preparing to place the measure on the August 4, 2020 Primary Election ballot.

“Many in our community are facing economic uncertainty due to the pandemic,” said Fire Chief John Oliver. “We’ve decided to pause and give our citizens and businesses the opportunity to recover before we ask for these projects.”

Chief Oliver says that everything the District has is going to operations to support the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This has to be our focus at the moment,” said Chief Oliver. “We’re giving it everything we have, and we will beat this virus. Our community and nation will be stronger as a result.”

Chief Oliver says that the need for adequate facilities is important now more than ever to ensure the safety of the community and firefighters.

This disease has shown the need for pandemic-resilient facilities. The station projects had previously identified the need for improved decontamination areas for personnel that respond to not only fires but also medical emergencies.

Though the economy is struggling now, these “shovel ready” station projects will help stimulate the local economy and create jobs when most needed. The preliminary site studies have been completed, the stations have been designed, and several of the projects are ready to go when funding is approved by voters. This will represent jobs for those that have been sidelined due to the work moratorium.

“This is not the time to ask, but when our economy begins to recover, it will be an opportunity to put people to work and dollars into the community,” said Chief Oliver.

The District acknowledges that the timing would have been ideal for the current bond request. It had retired a bond for apparatus, and a Maintenance and Operations Levy had expired. As a result, property owners would have seen a net decrease in what they paid in taxes to the District in 2019.

If the local economy begins to recover this summer, the Board of Fire Commissioners will consider the November General Election as its earliest option to ask voters to fund these community projects. More information on the facilities bond proposal can be found on the District’s website at

Kids’ Day 2020 Canceled Due to Coronavirus

Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue’s Annual Kids’ Day event has taken place in Kitsap County for decades and has grown to such popularity that citizens “just know” to be at the fairgrounds on the first Saturday of June.

“The event is 100% free and we pride ourselves on offering life safety messages while providing entertainment and educational opportunities with our amazing community partners,” said Ileana LiMarzi, PIO and Kids’ Day Coordinator for CKFR. “Canceling our 35th Kids’ Day was a difficult decision.”

Approximately 4,000 people attend the nearly 5 hour event each year and are treated to live fire and car extrication demonstrations, over 40 booths, bounce houses, hot dogs grilled by firefighters, watching Airlift Northwest land, an opportunity to get a free, properly fitted bike helmet, and much more.

“The response I’ve received so far to this decision has been positive. People understand the changes that need to be made in the world right now. We’re all in this situation together and we’ll gather to celebrate 35 years next June,” said PIO LiMarzi.

Kids’ Day will take place on June 5, 2021

For more information please contact PIO LiMarzi at [email protected] or 360-536-8678.

CKFR Partners with Kitsap Transit to Provide a Safe Haven for Firefighters

As firefighters continue working on the frontline in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s impossible for them to practice social distancing, therefore they risk exposing their families every time they return home from a shift. This is especially concerning for firefighters that have a vulnerable family member at home. CKFR now has an established “safe haven” for First Responders. This facility will be used only for EMS personnel that have not been knowingly exposed, are asymptomatic and continue to be schedule for work.

“These frontline Firefighters and EMS personnel are risking their lives every day, they should not be asked to risk their loves ones at home, especially if they are vulnerable to the COVID-19 disease,” said Fire Chief John Oliver.

As an organization that places our employees as our greatest asset we’re grateful for a unique relationship that had previously been established with Kitsap Transit regarding the surplus building at 1480 NW Sid Uhnick Drive.

Over the past month, CKFR was allowed to use the structure for training. The building has now been outfitted as a safe haven.

When the Mattress Ranch heard about the project, they generously donated 11 twin mattresses for use in the facility.

“The battle with COVID-19 is being fought at the local level across this nation, collaboration between local government and private business such as this will help our community weather the storm, “ said Chief Oliver.

Kitsap Transit’s support of those on the frontline is incredible. They have pledged to continue maintaining the mechanical and sanitary systems while we take care of internal furnishing and cleaning. CKFR will make this safe haven available to other essential service workers as needs arise.

Declaration of Emergency Approved

Fire and Emergency Medical Services are essential to society and cannot falter, even as a historic pandemic strikes the heart of our country. Resiliency and maintaining these lifesaving services are the direct responsibility of your elected board of Fire Commissioners and the Fire Chief. The entire administration has worked behind the scenes to identify core support functions of the Fire District and put in place functions that ensure we continue to provide the service levels our citizens deserve.

The final act to put these measures in place was a Declaration of Emergency approved unanimously by the Board of Commissioners on March 23rd. This act provides unique and temporary powers onto the Fire Chief to take all necessary action, within legal requirements, to ensure the health and safety of employees and the public in response to the emergency caused by COVID-19 in Central Kitsap.

This includes waiving certain contracting and budget requirements, authorizing staff to implement emergency purchasing requirements, and take other steps in response to the emergency.

This proclamation remains in effect until modified by the Board of Commissioners.

Help Your Local First Responders Fight COVID-19 Through Self-Reporting in Community Connect

We will always respond when you need us. With COVID-19 cases present in our community, there’s a new opportunity for you to help your first responders stay safe when responding to your home. Community Connect bridges the information gap before 9-1-1 is called, allowing you to share specific information about your household so that we may better serve you during an emergency.

Now, there’s a special section for COVID-19. By answering a few questions regarding the health of members in your household, our crews will know what precautions they need to take when responding while also gaining visibility into how this Health Crisis is affecting our community as a whole. This information remains private and is only accessible when responding specifically to your address.

To begin, just visit and enter your address.  The program will make sure you’re directed to the correct fire department that serves your location.

You may already be familiar with Community Connect if you have already completed your home’s profile or even if you’ve applied for a burn permit online.  If so, the same login will give you access to fill out different sections such as pet information, functional needs in the household, where the gas and water shutoffs are located, and more. If not, everyone nationwide now has access to self-report their COVID-19 related information in addition to the Community Connect instances already up and running in some districts such as Kitsap County, many departments in Pierce County, Lacey, and Eastside.

Community Connect comes to you after more than a year of collaborative work between Kitsap County’s public safety agencies and First Due, a provider of cutting edge technology for our first responders and builders of Community Connect programs around the country.

So please, take a few minutes to visit to #selfreport. Beating COVID-19 will take everyone’s help, and your First Responders are already thankful for yours.

CKFR Puts Special Unit In Service

Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue is dedicated to serving our community with a high level of service. That’s why in the near future you may see a special rig, TDU 50, responding to calls. TDU stands for Tactical Deployment Unit.

When dealing with increased call volume, as we may soon see with the COVID-19 global pandemic, or during peak flu season, there is a need for “in-field based community medicine.” This means we’ll use our experienced staff to assist our local health care system so that we may all work more efficiently.

TDU 50 is a pick-up truck staffed with a Paramedic and EMT. This crew will respond to calls involving “flu-like” symptoms to assess, treat, and determine if there is a need to transport the patient.

We’re Still Open and Here For You

As many businesses are closed during this time, we want to reassure you that Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue is still open for business and here for you. Our fire stations are at full staffing and administration continues to operate behind the scenes supporting the frontline.

Business is being conducted electronically as well as in person. Currently all uniformed administrative personnel, such as the Fire Chief, are still reporting to our Administration Building on Newberry Hill Road. All non-uniformed admin staff are now working from home for the safety of themselves, their families, and our firefighters.

We want you to know you can still access all of our services, such as burn permits. Our main line, 360-447-3550, is still being answered and each employee’s desk phone has been forwarded to their home office.
Please visit us at or any of our social media platforms:

Facebook: @CKfireandrescue
Twitter: @CKFireRescue
Instagram: centralkitsapfire