Santa Run

CKFR’s Annual Santa Runs!

We are pleased to announce that Santa Claus has planned his trip from the North Pole this year so that he may take part in the annual Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue Santa Run!

Santa will be riding a fire engine through various neighborhoods in Central Kitsap as he’s transported by CKFR.  Each evening’s route will start around 6:00 pm. Although we don’t have exact times for each neighborhood, the firefighters have assured us that the lights on the fire engine will help announce his arrival in your area.

**  Traditionally, Santa has given out candy canes and accepted food donations for the CK Food Bank. Due to COVID, 2021 will be a contactless Santa Run. NO candy canes will be given out and NO food donations accepted. We will provide bins at each staffed station to accommodate donations. ** 

We hope everyone has a great time! Just make sure Santa gets back to the North Pole in time for Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Santa’s Elves

  • December 10: Meadowdale

    Parkwood East, Bridlevale Blvd, San Juan and Oak Park, Fairwood, Bridle Ridge

  • December 11: Kariotis

    Clover Blossom Ln, Cottage Bay Apts, Athens, Helena, Troy, Thasos, Aegean, Corfu, 72nd, Lazy S, Clover Blossom (North)

  • December 12: North Perry

    Canoe Trail, Hayak, University Point Circle, Varsity Lane, Shore Cliff, Ocasta, Arrowhead, Sunset, Ridgeview, Viewcrest, Fir Drive NE, Pine Avenue NE, Partridge Hollow NE

  • December 17: Silverdale

    Armada, Buccaneer, Sirocco Circle, Ashley Circle, Chena, Richardson, Olson, Hillsboro Dr, Marigold Dr, Quail Run, Ridgepoint Dr, Ridgepoint Circle, Ridgepoint Dr, Plateau Circle, Mt. Worthington Loop NW, Avante Dr, Island Lake Rd, Connor Loop Rd

  • December 19: Chico

    Ridgeway, Holiday Place, Country Lane, Fairway Lane, Dyes Inlet Rd, Golf Club,  Lakehurst Drive, Eldorado Blvd, Iskra Blvd, Cobi Pl,  Londonderry Loop, Catlin St, Kildar Loop, Amethyst Loop