santa-firemanWe are pleased to announce that Santa Claus has planned his trip from the North Pole this year so that he may take part in the annual Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue Santa Run!

Santa will be riding a fire engine through various neighborhoods in Central Kitsap as he’s transported by CKFR. Each evening’s route will start around 6:00 pm.

Although we don’t have exact times for each neighborhood, the firefighters have assured us that the lights on the fire engine will help announce his arrival in your area.

**Santa and his helpers will be collecting donations for the Central Kitsap Food Bank. Everyone is encouraged to help fill Santa’s bag with non-perishable food.**

We hope everyone has a great time! Just make sure Santa gets back to the North Pole in time for Christmas!



December 12th: South of Sylvan Way, including the streets around Trenton, Viewcrest, 30th, Bonair, Stoneway, Olympus, and Perry Ave.  MAP

December 13th: North of Sylvan Way, including the streets around Pine Ave, Fir, Illahee, Shorecliff, Canoe, and University Pt.  MAP

December 14th: West of Illahee, including streets around Oceanview, Sunset, Agean, Corfu, Quinalt, and East Blvd.  MAP

December 17th: Chico Way, Johnson, Chico Beach, Merideth, Eldorado Boulevard, Highpoint, English Hills, El Camino, Terrace View, Cedar Terrace, Dorado Court, Braemar Drive, and Newport Court  MAP

December 18th: Chico Way, Erlands Point, Fairway lane, Shadden Lane, Dyes Inlet, Golf Club, Lakehurst, Kitty Hawk, Linden, Breeze Way, Paul Benjamin, Tanda, Country lane, Ridgeway Drive, Ridgeway Place, Ridgeway Circle, Greenhaven Place, and Lakeview Drive.  MAP

December 19th: Chico Way, Northlake Way, Rim View Court, Taylor Road, David Road, Kitsap lake Road, Harlow Drive, Broad Street, 1st Street, Ida Street, Skylark, Eden Road, Francis Street, Twin View, and Sunnyhill Road.  MAP