December 6th-8th and 13th-15th!

santa-firemanWe are pleased to announce that Santa Claus has planned his trip from the North Pole this year so that he may take part in the annual Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue Santa Run!

Santa will be riding a fire engine through various neighborhoods in Central Kitsap as he’s transported by CKFR. Each evening’s route will start around 6:00 pm.

Although we don’t have exact times for each neighborhood, the firefighters have assured us that the lights on the fire engine will help announce his arrival in your area.

**Santa and his helpers will be collecting donations for the Central Kitsap Food Bank. Everyone is encouraged to help fill Santa’s bag with non-perishable food.**

We hope everyone has a great time! Just make sure Santa gets back to the North Pole in time for Christmas!


Schedule & Maps

December 6th – Meadowdale Neighborhoods (Day 1):  Parkwood East, Bridlevale, San Juan & Oak Park, Fairwood Way, and Bridle Ridge.  MAP

December 7th – Kariotis Neighborhoods (Day 2):  Clover Blossom, Haneburg (Cottage Bay), Athens, Helena, Troy, Thasos, Aegean, Corfu, 72nd, Lazy S, Clover Blossom (John Carlson side).  MAP

December 8th – North Perry Neighborhoods (Day 3):  Ridgeview, Viewcrest, Trenton, Fir, Pine, Partrage Hallow.  MAP

December 13th – Lake Symington Neighborhoods (Day 4):  This-A-Way, Longhorn, Redwing Trail, Overland Trail, This-A-Way, Whisper Dr, Coho Run, Chum, Chinook.  MAP

December 14th – Ridgetop Neighborhoods (Day 5):  Chena, Richardson, Olson, Hillsboro Dr, Marigold Dr, Quail Run, Ridgepoint, Ridgepoint Cir, Ridgepoint Dr, Plateau Cir, Mt. Worthington Loop, Avante Dr, Island Lake Rd, Connor Loop Rd.  MAP

December 15th – Chico Neighborhoods (Day 6):  Ridgeway, Holiday, County Ln, Fairway Ln, Dyes Inlet Rd, Golf Club, Lakehurst, Eldorado Blvd, Iskra Blvd, Cobi Pl, Londonderry Loop, Catlin St, Kildar Loop, Amethyst Loop.  MAP