EMS Specific volunteers are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and provide Basic Life Support (BLS) services as First Responders. To participate in this program, a Washington State EMT certification is required. EMS only personnel will provide 24 hours a month of EMS activities with career firefighters at district fire stations or with other volunteer EMTs.

Initial training requirements include:

• Passing and certifying as a Washington State or National Registry EMT-B (the fire district will sponsor a member for this training and may provide some financial support)

• Attending and passing a district-provided EMS Academy

• Completing an EMS task book with career firefighters (EMS Specific volunteers will respond with career paramedics and/or EMTs to complete adequate patient assessments to demonstrate competence as an EMT-B prior to being allowed to operate a BLS unit)

• Attending a district EVIP program (vehicle operations) for the EMS response vehicle.

To maintain their EMT certification, all district EMTs must complete online OTEP (Ongoing Training and Education Program) quarterly. OTEP’s are continuing education training modules.

  • The first drill of the month is focused on OTEP and other EMT related skills. This allows a Firefighter who is also an EMT, the ability to maintain proficiency in both disciplines.


EMS Specific volunteers are required to meet once a week to participate in ongoing Training. Training drills are conducted on most Wednesday nights from 1900-2100 (75% drill attendance is required to remain in good standing with CKFR).

The minimum level of accumulated participation is 24 hours per month. EMS Only volunteers receive points for responses and training drills as outlined in the Volunteer Recognition Program.