Candles are popular year round. According to the National Candle Association, consumers in the U.S. spend over $2 billion on candles each year and the usage is rising. With this tremendous market in candles, it’s no wonder home fires caused by improperly used candles are on the rise. CKFR firefighters want you to candle with care!

Did you know that December sees double the numbers of home candle fires as compared to other months? Were you aware that according to national estimates from the National Fire Incident Reporting System the number one day for home candle fires is Christmas, followed closely by New Year’s Day and Christmas Eve?

Decorating with candles has long been a holiday tradition. Candles are decorative, delightful and create an attractive home decor. They help set a relaxed, inviting mood. Unfortunately, if safety precautions are not observed, candles can be a serious fire hazard. The following simple tips are important to practice when using candles:

  • When you go out, blow out! Extinguish candles completely when leaving the room or going to sleep.
  • Keep candles at least 1 foot away from items that could catch fire such as curtains, bedding, papers, decorations, and walls.
  • Use sturdy candle holders that are made of glass, ceramic, metal or other nonflammable materials.
  • Trim wicks to 1/4″ and extinguish candles before they burn down to the bottom of the container. Tapers and pillar candles should be extinguished when they get to within 2″ of the holder.
  • Burn candles only while under constant adult supervision.
  • Avoid carrying or walking with a burning candle.
  • Use a flashlight, not candles, in the event of a power outage.

Overwhelmed by the chore of keeping a close watch on your candles? Don’t despair, LED battery operated candles are a safe alternative to open flame candles. They are fire safe and are the perfect way to create an attractive, welcoming ambiance this holiday season. LED candles now on the market are inexpensive and readily available. They are ideal for fire safe holiday decorations, mantles, bathrooms, children’s rooms, and your college child’s dorm or apartment. A quick Internet search will provide you with a wide variety of styles and looks.