Declaration of Emergency Approved

Fire and Emergency Medical Services are essential to society and cannot falter, even as a historic pandemic strikes the heart of our country. Resiliency and maintaining these lifesaving services are the direct responsibility of your elected board of Fire Commissioners and the Fire Chief. The entire administration has worked behind the scenes to identify core support functions of the Fire District and put in place functions that ensure we continue to provide the service levels our citizens deserve.

The final act to put these measures in place was a Declaration of Emergency approved unanimously by the Board of Commissioners on March 23rd. This act provides unique and temporary powers onto the Fire Chief to take all necessary action, within legal requirements, to ensure the health and safety of employees and the public in response to the emergency caused by COVID-19 in Central Kitsap.

This includes waiving certain contracting and budget requirements, authorizing staff to implement emergency purchasing requirements, and take other steps in response to the emergency.

This proclamation remains in effect until modified by the Board of Commissioners.