CKFR Partners with Kitsap Transit to Provide a Safe Haven for Firefighters

As firefighters continue working on the frontline in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s impossible for them to practice social distancing, therefore they risk exposing their families every time they return home from a shift. This is especially concerning for firefighters that have a vulnerable family member at home. CKFR now has an established “safe haven” for First Responders. This facility will be used only for EMS personnel that have not been knowingly exposed, are asymptomatic and continue to be schedule for work.

“These frontline Firefighters and EMS personnel are risking their lives every day, they should not be asked to risk their loves ones at home, especially if they are vulnerable to the COVID-19 disease,” said Fire Chief John Oliver.

As an organization that places our employees as our greatest asset we’re grateful for a unique relationship that had previously been established with Kitsap Transit regarding the surplus building at 1480 NW Sid Uhnick Drive.

Over the past month, CKFR was allowed to use the structure for training. The building has now been outfitted as a safe haven.

When the Mattress Ranch heard about the project, they generously donated 11 twin mattresses for use in the facility.

“The battle with COVID-19 is being fought at the local level across this nation, collaboration between local government and private business such as this will help our community weather the storm, “ said Chief Oliver.

Kitsap Transit’s support of those on the frontline is incredible. They have pledged to continue maintaining the mechanical and sanitary systems while we take care of internal furnishing and cleaning. CKFR will make this safe haven available to other essential service workers as needs arise.