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Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue 

CKFR Outdoor Burning Information

When do I need an outdoor burn permit?
Outdoor burning permits are required for all outdoor burning, except for recreational fires (see description below). Much of the Central Kitsap area has been designated a NO BURN ZONEincluding all of Silverdale and much of the area to the East and Southeast towards Bremerton.

See Kitsap County's Burn Ban Interactive Map.

If you live in an area outside of the designated NO BURN ZONE and you want to dispose of natural debris by burning it outdoors, you will need to obtain an Outdoor Burning Permit. All permits are free and may be picked up at several CKFR fire stations. Please call 360.447.3550 to find out which location is closest to you. Please note: Burn permits do not allow you to burn in the NO BURN ZONE areas of Central Kitsap. Land clearing is no longer allowed in Kitsap County.

Types of burn permits issued by Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue:


What kind of fires can I have in the NO BURN ZONE?

Recreational Fires:

  • Means cooking, camp and bonfires 3 feet or less in size for cooking, pleasure, and ceremonial purposes.
  • Only charcoal or dry firewood may be used.
  • Fires must be in a designated fire pit.
  • No permit is needed and they are allowed in the NO BURN ZONE.

Outdoor burning questions

Call 911

  • Uncontrolled fires
  • Unsafe outdoor burning
  • Unattended outdoor burning

CKFR Public Safety Division, call 360.447.3550

  • Questions on burning regulations
  • Neighborhood quarrels on outdoor burning regulations

Puget Sound Clean Air 1.800.552.3565

  • Indoor burning complaints
  • Burning in the NO BURN ZONE
  • Smoke complaints
  • Burning of garbage
  • Air quaility burn ban questions
  • Questions about the State's Clean Air Laws
  • www.pscleanair.org

Background on changes to State burning regulations
Many changes have taken place over the past several years with outdoor burning regulations in Kitsap County and Washington State. Many of these changes were the result of a new Outdoor Burning Rule (WAC 173-425) that was adopted by the Department of Ecology (DOE) on April 13, 2000. The revised Clean Air Act required that outdoor burning no longer be permitted in urban growth or high density areas after December 31, 2000.

In addition, this new law changed who would have the authority to issue the various types of Outdoor Burning Permits that are available in Washington State. In the past the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had the authority to issue outdoor burning permits in their forest protection zones for almost every type of outdoor burning practice that was found in the State. With the new regulations they are only able to issue large reforestation permits for silvercultural burning. Effective September 1, 2009, land clearing burning is no longer allowed in Kitsap County.

The areas in Central Kitsap affected by this are: Seabeck, Holly, Crosby, Camp Union, Lakes Tahuyeh, and Symington. Please contact Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue regarding residential outdoor burning permits, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, at 360.447.3550.

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